NMT历史上的今天丨Environ Exp Bot 水稻如何促进镉吸收的 文章发表


2015年10月14日,浙江理工大学熊杰、中国水稻所陶龙兴利用NMT在Environmental and Experimental Botany上发表了标题为Excessive nitrate enhances cadmium (Cd) uptake by up-regulating the expression of OsIRT1 in rice (Oryza sativa)的研究成果。


  • 期刊:Environmental and Experimental Botany
  • 主题:过量的硝酸盐通过上调水稻(Oryza sativa)中OsIRT1的表达来提高镉(Cd)的吸收
  • 标题:Excessive nitrate enhances cadmium (Cd) uptake by up-regulating the expression of OsIRT1 in rice (Oryza sativa)
  • 影响因子:3.712
  • 检测指标:Cd2+流速
  • 检测部位:水稻根部
  • Cd2+流实验处理方法:三周龄的水稻幼苗,在不同的NO3浓度(0mM、2.86mM、5.72mM)下培养7天,30 mM Cd2+处理30-60min
  • Cd2+流实验测试液成份:30 μM CdCl2, 0.1 mM KCl, 0.05 mM MgCl2, 0.5 mM NaCl, 0.1 mM Na2SO4, 0.3 mM MES, pH 5.5
  • 作者:浙江理工大学熊杰、中国水稻所陶龙兴


In order to pursue higher yield of rice, higher amount of NO3 is often used in rice production, but limited information is available on cadmium (Cd) uptake promoted by nitrate (NO3) in rice.

Here, hydroponic experiments with integration of three NO3 levels (0 mM, 2.86 mM and 5.72 mM simplify as 0, NO3 and 2NO3) and two Cd concentrations (0 and 100 μM) were conducted. Phenotypes and physiological indexes related to Cd uptake were measured; content changes of nitrogen, Cd and Fe also were measured. In addition, net Cd2+ flux was monitored and quantitative RT-PCR was applied to determine the expression of Fe/Cd transporters.

The results showed that although excessive NO3 had no significant promoting effect on rice growth in absence or presence of Cd, it enhanced Cd influx in elongation zone of rice roots and increased Cd accumulation in rice plants and grains. Excessive NO3 also increased OsIRT1 expression and Fe accumulation in rice seedlings in the absence or presence of Cd.

In conclusion, excessive NO3 increases OsIRT1 expression and Cd influx in elongation zone of rice roots, and then it increased Cd and Fe uptake and accumulation in rice plants and grains, which raises an increased-risk for human health.




在这里,进行了整合三个NO3-浓度(0 mM,2.86 mM和5.72 mM简化为0,NO3-和2NO3-)和两个Cd浓度(0和100μM)的水培实验。测量与镉吸收有关的表型和生理指标;还测量了氮,镉和铁的含量变化。此外,监测净Cd2+通量并应用定量RT-PCR确定Fe / Cd转运蛋白的表达。



Effects of different concentrations of nitrate (NO3-) on root net Cd2+ influx in rice seedlings. Root net Cd2+ influx of 3-week-old rice seedlings cultivated in 0, 2.86 and 5.72 mM NO3- conditions for 7 days. Then, 30 mM Cd2+ were added into the solution for 30–60 min. Net Cd flux of meristematic zone (B and D) and elongation zone (A and C) of the main root were monitored and steady-state Cd flux was recorded for 10 min. Bar indicates 50 mm in (A and B), the values are means  SE (n = 107), different letters on the bar indicate significant differences at P = 0.05.





12月03日,某高校将NMT技术应用于植物生长发育领域,测试样品为水稻,测试指标为Ca2+、IAA。在旭月研究院完成实验。| 12月03日,某高校将NMT技术应用于植物病理学,测试样品为孢子,测试指标为Mg2+。在旭月研究院完成实验。| 12月03日,某高校将NMT技术应用于逆境生理领域,测试样品为马铃薯,测试指标为Ca2+、H2O2。在四川农业大学完成实验。| 12月06日,某高校将NMT技术应用于植物抗旱领域,测试样品为拟南芥,测试指标为H+。在旭月研究院完成实验。| 12月10日,某研究所将NMT技术应用于分子生物学,测试样品为棉花,测试指标为Mg2+、Cu2+。在旭月研究院完成实验。| 12月11日,某高校将NMT技术应用于药理学,测试样品为胰岛细胞,测试指标为K+。在旭月研究院完成实验。| 12月12日,某高校将NMT技术应用于纳米金属生态毒理学,测试样品为小球藻,测试指标为Ca2+。在旭月研究院完成实验。| 12月17日,某高校将NMT技术应用于水稻物质转运领域,测试样品为水稻,测试指标为Mg2+ 、H+ 、K+ 、Na+、Cl-、NH4+、NO3- 、Ca2+。在江苏师范大学完成实验。| 12月19日,某研究所将NMT技术应用于植物生长发育领域,测试样品为拟南芥,测试指标Mg2+。在中国科学院植物研究所完成实验。| 12月20日,某高校将NMT技术应用于水生毒理学,测试样品为浮萍,测试指标为Ca2+。在旭月研究院完成实验。| 12月21日,某研究所将NMT技术应用于大型经济海藻生理生化及分子生物学,测试样品为海水种红毛菜,测试指标为Na+。在山东农业大学完成实验。| 12月24日,某高校将NMT技术应用于经济林栽培领域,测试样品为蓝莓,测试指标为Na+、K+、Ca2+ 、H2O2. 在旭月研究院完成实验。|